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Set 500 years after the 10th game.
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 Level up Rules

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Level up Rules Empty
PostSubject: Level up Rules   Level up Rules Icon_minitimeFri Feb 22, 2008 5:58 pm

To level up you need to acquire a certain amount of EXP (Experience points) after you get the needed amount pm a admin about it and they will check to see if you have indeed gotten the EXP needed to level up.

Level 1 -100 exp
Level 2-200 exp
Level 3-300 exp
Level 4-400 exp
Level 5-500exp
Level 6-600 exp
Level 7-700 exp
Level 8-800 exp
Level 9-900 exp
Level 10-1000 exp
Level 11-1200 exp
Level 12-1400 exp
Level 13-1600 exp
Level 14-1800 exp
Level 15-2000 exp
Level 16-2400 exp
Level 17-2800 exp
Level 18-3200 exp
Level 19-3600 exp
Level 20-4000 exp

Note: You can gain EXP by hunting fiends, completing quests and many other things.
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Level up Rules
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