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Set 500 years after the 10th game.
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 List of Classes to pick from.

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List of Classes to pick from. Empty
PostSubject: List of Classes to pick from.   List of Classes to pick from. Icon_minitimeThu Feb 21, 2008 6:53 pm

This character class is strong and tough, able to both take and dole out punishment while going toe to toe with enemies. The fighter gains access to some of the best armor in the game and deals a significant amount of damage using a wide variety of weapons. This class can handle large weapons such as two-handed swords and pole arms, fence with a rapier for speed and damage or, when defense matters most, face danger with a single-handed sword and a trusty shield. But that is only the beginning. Fighters can take on monsters with their bare knuckles, daggers, javelins, or even brandish two pistols. Last but not least, fighters possess the ability to provoke enemies. Fighters is without a doubt the melee champ.

The wizard is a powerful magic-using class that specializes in AoE (area-of-effect) damage spells, curses, and buffs. This class can levitate, employ telekinetic powers, shield team members from many types of attacks, as well as use a lethal array of curses. The wizard can cast an offensive buff on allies that reflects damage back onto attackers, a significant ability in a dangerous new world with so many monsters attacking from all sides. A balanced magic user, casting both offensive and defensive spells, the wizard is a mighty opponent and a valuable class to include in any team.

The Scout is an amazing character class, arguably the most versatile adventurer in the game. This class is far from being the limited sort of healer. It has the ability to heal from any stance and by taking advantage of a variety of stances, the scout can resuscitate allies, cast empowering buffs, install devastating traps, fight with a single dagger while evading attacks, or wield two daggers for a dominating attack of its own. Scouts are rugged survivors, valuable allies in any squad, and lethal damage dealers when they choose to be.

The Musketeer is one of the most imposing character classes. This class is a top-tier damage dealer and primarily relies on pistols and rifles. While musketeers are deadly marksmen, they can do more than shoot enemies from a distance. The musketeer can fight with bare fists, smash enemies with a rifle stock, fire poisonous bullets, slash and stab with a bayonet, and even fire a blinding AOE debuff. This class also possesses a special ability, Concentrate, which allows it to fire upon enemies with great accuracy. The musketeer is as deadly as it is stylish, and few adventurers swagger more in the new world.

Elementalists harness the powers of ice, fire, and lightning to cast offensive magic spells, channeling those powers through the bracelets they wear. This class is arguably the premiere damage dealer in the new world, but it should be played with caution as the class can only wear cloth armor such as robes and so cannot withstand direct attacks for long. Teams will frequently find themselves assaulted by many enemies simultaneously, and the elementalistís AoE (area-of-effect) attacks are among the best in the game for dealing with multiple foes. While primarily an offensive class, the elementalist can also cast damage and resistance buffs in order to empower allies. By using its ability to activate mana, this class increases its own mana regeneration. As attractive as they are devastating, the elementalist is a force of nature few opponents can overcome.
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List of Classes to pick from.
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