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Set 500 years after the 10th game.
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 Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero

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PostSubject: Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero   Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2009 10:22 pm

Name: Rita " The Sky Wizard '' Mordio
Alias: " The Sky Wizard ", " The Perfect Magick Fighter "

Age: 12 years old
Appearance: Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero Gazou60
Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero Rita
Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero Rita3

Personality: Tempermental, serious, smart, etc.

Strengths: Fire Magick and back talking

Fighting Tactics: Se likes to fight anyway he can to win. Usually uses quick Magick arts.

Weaknesses: Close Range Combat. (Decent)

History: Rita.. You're the one to lead our people to greatness.. Rita.. You're The Destined HERO.
Ever since Rita was 4, she has been good with magick. Her close combat is decent but not too good. She has been on many teams quiting all of them when they all seperated to different paths.. She has made many enemies and some friends to enjoy her life with. She is based mostley on fire magick, doing the most damage with them. Firaga is her favorite move so far. When she fights, she has always started with it then shootin' out hard bolts of fire down upon the enemy. She is able to summon " Espers . " Anyway back to history. Rita was born in November on the 14th day at 9 pm. His parents passed away and she lived with her grandparents. She told them she was going on a journey for along time and they let her. She loved them but left. Ever since he was little, she's had an issue with people and being tempermental. She isn';t techinqly mean, but isn't exxactly the best at being nice all the time.. Many people love her attitude and loves being on teams. For now I will update soon..

Desired Job Wizard

Agility- 10
Strength- 6
Magic- 10!
Defense- 6
Magic defense- 9
Luck- 8ish
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Rita Mordio ; The Destined Hero
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